At the start of the student occupation movement across the University of California system  in 2009, dance parties were used as a means of broadening the social base of protest and as a way of defending building occupations/those who would start them.

We are a group of students and workers who are redeveloping wildcat dance parties as a tactic for the recomposition of resistance, drawing out lessons from past mistakes and victories. The attacks on student-worker power are as generalized as ever, and our resistance must also be generalized. We see the proliferation of mass dance parties as one step towards an absolute refusal of all impositions of domination and exploitation.

On June 5th, 2013, alongside the start of the graduate student union’s campaign for a better contract, students took to the University of California Santa Cruz and celebrated the departure of Mark Yudof, five year president of the University of California. Appointed by the Board of Regent’s at the start of an economic recession, he used the poor earnings for some businesses and financial firms as a pretense for a massive gutting of the university. UC Santa Cruz alone has cut fifty thousand dollars worth of services to its students under Yudof. In the spirit of of the revelry that followed Thatcher’s death in the UK, we’re greeting his retirement with cheers and smiles.

Check back for more updates soon! Pictures, mixes, and communique’s from the night will be posted shortly.

You can reach us for further communication at UcResisdance@gmail.com or at the comment section below.


Dance Parties and the Egyptian Revolution:


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